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Receive discounted prices when you order multiple cards - *Currently: Due to COVID_19, all orders will be pre-orders until further notice.
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Being An Advocate In The Allergy Community

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Hi, I am Allie, the creator of the Allergy Safe Card. Not only do I care about my own life and safety, but I care about many others who suffer from food allergies, just like me! Having experienced on-set food allergies first hand, I feel the need to educate people with food allergies, and those who care for people with food allergies. This motive alone has driven me to become an advocate in the allergy community.

I want to be an advocate because knowing statistics like, "40% of people who inject 2 EpiPens still die," scares the H-E-Double hockey stick out of me. If you love adventure, then you know how risk can be involved, but imagine not getting to decide living with all the life-threatening risks that come with food allergies. 

I have been an adventurer all my life, from skydiving several times to traveling to 46 of the 50 American states and 4 countries all by the ripe age of 25. I love to get out, stay active and learn by seeing, exploring and experiencing the entire world. Having to take such extravagant precaution to travel to ensure my life, is horrible and I hate knowing others are out there experiencing exactly what I am. It is the worst!!! And if they're not adventurers like me, then they're staying completely sheltered, letting their food allergies control their lives and how they live it. 

I want to share my recipes, places to eat out for every night hang out spots among friends and family. I want to share my wealth of knowledge on the subject of food, passion, and love for life and experiencing all the deliciousness out there, waiting to be tasted and discovered. 


I want to better the lives for individuals who either tragically were born with this inconvenience or were told by doctors at an older age, "You're allergic to
(fill in the blank)."


Stay tuned for:

  • Monthly recipes
  • Local (San Diego) restaurant reviews and recommendations
  • National restaurant reviews and recommendations
  • Monthly products/brands that I love
  • Trending topics and information in the allergy world


Safe Eating,

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