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Love Thy Self, and Love Thy Food

Warning: This month's topic is deep. 
Please comment your own thoughts and experiences at the end.

What are the social and emotional ramifications of food allergies? 

Have you ever felt embarrassed, and that all eyes are watching you?

Thats how I feel every time I eat out at a restaurant… with my significant other, friends & family and strangers alike.

Luckily for me, I didn’t grow up with food allergies, but rather developed them in my early 20’s. Even still, being in college and being the “odd one out” didn’t feel any better. Standing out among your peers and having the feeling you’re making a fuss (with all eyes on you), can be hard. Hard to cope with, hard to explain and hard to do over, and over again.


The Sweet Side of Allergies:

Having food allergies always makes for great conversations. If I have anything to do with it, I will share my stories and opinions with the world.
Each time I whip out my Allergy Safe Card I know 3 things will happen:
1. The restaurant staff will take my order more seriously. 
2. People will notice my allergy card and proceed to ask about it.
3. I will get help from the restaurant staff finding a delicious and safe meal, while enjoying a night out with my peeps, all the while teaching others about food allergies…or at least starting a dialogue about it. 

The Sour Side of Allergies:

In my experience food allergies have caused severe depression and anxiety. Going out or, do I even mention the fear of ordering-in (AGGGHHHH!!!!), are some of the scariest ideas I can think of. The idea of eating food that you’re not preparing safely  YOURSELF can really cause an overall body and mind-wide panic. It can make your insides twist and feel as though you’re riding a roller coaster constantly. It makes it hard to breath and think clearly, and dare I mention the ability to snap at my wonderful boyfriend when he demands that I choose where to eat out…that could also be hunger…oops! Sorry, sweetie!

My food allergies have caused a great depression, as deep as a well, within me; which I’m forever trying to climb out of. The despair of feeling alone in public and in large social crowds is taunting and haunting. 


How I Love Thy Self and Food

I always do my best to let light shine through my soul, and find the silver lining in everything I experience. And I pass on good vibes to others because deep down, everyone has their own battle. If it’s food allergies for you too, or anything else for that matter, you know that I am here with you. 























Treat YoSelf

Lastly, I am here to share my main message — LOVE YOURSELF no matter what. 
TREAT YOURSELF. I challenge you to love yourself the entire month of February. 
Whether you decide to get a mani/pedi, take a soothing bath with a moon ball, relax with a good book, wine or a movie, DO IT! We all owe ourselves a little more love. And not just here and there, when we can afford it, but every damn day! 


Peace out lovelies - and remember to love yourself and appreciate all the food you can eat! You deserve it!


Peace and Love,


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  • Rose on

    Oh and love your February challenge! Love yourself no matter what. And treat yourself.🌸

  • Rose on

    Inspiring article Allie, love that you share your honesty with how your allergies affect you and how you manage through it. Helpful and relatable that a lot of people would benefit from.👍

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